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6th Grade

Chapter 8: Early North American Peoples

The United States became a nation less than 235 years ago.  Canada is a little younger.  To us, they might seem like old, established countries.  However, the United States, Canada, and other countries of North America are children compared to the first nations of the continent.  Many of the first civilizations of North America lasted more than one thousand years.  What made them so successful?  By learning about ancient North American civilizations, we might learn how to make our own civilization last centuries into the future.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Dec. 5: Read 218 to 221

  • Dec. 6: Read 222 to 225

  • Dec. 8: Ch. 8 Vocab & Worksheet #54 Due

  • Dec. 12: Iroquois Worksheet Due

Test: Tuesday, December 13

7th Grade

The United States Constitution

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Dec. 7: U.S. Constitution Crossword

  • Dec. 8: Read Chapter 4 - Lesson 1

  • Dec. 9: Read Chapter 4 - Lesson 2

  • Dec. 14: Chapter 4 Vocabulary Due

EXAM: Wed. December 7

Exam:  100 questions - Pass/Fail determined by average of quizzes & Exam (240 points) = 69% needed for passing.

8th Grade

Chapter 18 - The New Century

It was a new century and a new America.  The United States oversaw the building of the Panama Canal - a huge undertaking that would change the way the world would transport goods across oceans.  Roosevelt's Big Stick Foreign Policy made the United States the overseer of the Western Hemisphere, much to the chagrin of our Latin American neighbors.  Reformers and Muckrakers would continue to make a difference in changing America.  

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Dec. 5: Ch. 18 Crossword due

  • Dec. 6: Read Chapter 19 - Lesson 1

  • Dec. 7: Read Chapter 19 - Lesson 2

Test:  Tuesday, December 6



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