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6th Grade

World History & Cultures

Our journey will take us to all sorts of interesting places around the world.  Perhaps the most important part of this class will be learning about ancient history. 

You'll notice to the left a button that will take you to the 6th Grade Vocabulary Page.  These are words that we will be learning about this year.


Homework: (dates are tentative)


7th Grade

American History to 1865

We will start off the year learning about Illinois History and the Illinois Constitution.  We'll move into early American History and work our way into the U.S. Constitution.  From there we will be studying about our young nation's history, up to and including the American Civil War.


Homework: (dates are tentative)





8th Grade

American History to present

So much of what our country is today comes from our experience in the last 100 to 150 years or so.  This year we will take a look at the important events that have shaped our nation.  Hopefully this journey will spark your interest in our country.  Most importantly, it should cause you to ask questions about where we’ve come from and where our nation is currently going. 

Homework: (dates are tentative)






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