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6th Grade

Chapter 3: Ancient Egypt & Nubia

We know about the lives of the ancient Egyptians from artifacts that archaeologists have found.  From the enormous stone structures they built and the writings they left behind, we understand more about their civilization. How do you think that people in the future will interpret our civilization?

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Sep. 26 - Read pages 92 to 95

  • Making Mummies Worksheet due Tuesday, Sep. 27

  • Hatshepsut & Tutankhamen Worksheets due Thursday, Sep. 29

Test: Week of October 3


7th Grade

Chapter 1 - Early American History

U.S. History predates the time of our country's founding in 1776.  Native American people have lived here for thousands of years.  Europeans arrived and changed everything.  This chapter covers that time period.     

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • English Colonies Worksheet due Sep. 26

  • Early American History Worksheet due Sep. 27

  • Ch. 1 Crossword due Wednesday, Sep. 28


Test: Wednesday, September 28

8th Grade

Chapter 13 - Captains of Industry

We’ve just learned about how a particular group of people suffered greatly in the last half of the century.  Now we will take a look at a much smaller group of people – who were on the opposite end of the spectrum – some of the wealthiest individuals of their time.  Some of these people used their genius to change the world and make it a better place.  Others used their skills to acquire more wealth at the expense of others. 

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Captains of Industry & Business Grows Worksheets due Friday, Sept. 30

Test:  Week of October 3



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