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6th Grade

Chapter 4: Ancient China

The ancient dynasties of China were times of much growth and change.  Over time, new technologies - from bronze crafting and silk making to porcelain and paper - were born.  Religious practices and new ways of thinking flourished.  By 100B.C., traders were actively transporting goods along a trade route called the Silk Road.  They brought Chinese goods - and culture - the rest of the known world.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Oct. 11: Worksheet #24 due

  • Oct. 12: Read pages 114 to 117

  • Oct. 14: Ch. 4 Vocabulary due

  • Oct. 14 Worksheet #26 due

  • Oct. 18 Ancient China Map Worksheet Due

  • Oct. 18 Worksheet #27 due

Test: Week of October 17

7th Grade

Chapter 3 - America Breaks with England

The colonies have come together to form a Congress in an effort to be united in protesting any unfair treatment by Parliament.  But the First Continental Congress was still holding out hope in 1774 that things would get better.  They agreed to meet again in Spring 1775 to continue their work.  By the time the Second Continental Congress met, it was clear that things were not getting any better.  In fact, they had gotten worse.     

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Oct. 11: Read Lesson 2

  • Oct. 13: Read Lesson 3

  • Oct. 14: Ch. 3 Vocabulary due


Test: Week of October 17

8th Grade

Chapter 15 - The Gilded Age

In this section we'll take a look at how the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.  We'll learn about monetary policy, inventions, industrial leaders and labor.  The decade of the 1880s provides us with a good look at how this nation grew during the industrial age and how government reacted to the pressures of the times.  It's a particularly long section but it's also a very important one

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Oct. 11: Read Lesson 4

  • Oct. 12: Ch. 15 Vocabulary Due

  • Oct. 17: 3 Worksheets Due:

    Samuel Gompers

    Booker T. Washington

    Grover Cleveland

Test:  Week of October 17



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