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6th Grade

Chapter 11: Byzantine Empire & Ancient Arabia

Some of today's practices and customs have their roots in the Byzantine Empire and in ancient Arabia.  For example, parts of the legal codes, or laws, of many countries are similar to the code developed in the sixth century by Emperor Justinian.  Islam, founded in the seventh century, is now a major world religion.  It spread to other lands through a vast system of trade routes and conquests.  Many of the trade routes developed in the seventh and eighth centuries are still used today.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Feb 21: Ch. 11 Crossword Due

  • Feb 23: Read 344 to 349

  • Feb 24: Read 350 to 355

Test: Thursday, February 23

7th Grade

Chapter 7: Jacksonian America

Andrew Jackson was a president who helped redefine America.  For good or bad, Jackson was the kind of leader who left his imprint on our democracy.  As more Americans gained the right to vote, they could identify with our first "log-cabin" president.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Feb 22: Read Lesson 7

  • Feb 24: Texas Worksheet & Jackson Crossword Due

  • Feb 28: Ch. 7 Crossword Due

Test: Tuesday, February 28

8th Grade

Chapter 22 - World War II

The world suffered through a major depression, just like the United States.  The difference became the leaders of these nations.  The U.S. chose FDR to lead us through the hard times.  Other nations turned to dictators that promised to make their lives better while really only securing positions of power for themselves.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Feb 21: Read Lesson 3

  • Feb 21: Dictators Worksheet Due

  • Feb. 23: Nazi Germany Worksheet Due

  • Feb. 23: Read Lesson 4

Test:  to be determined



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