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Below are all of the vocabulary words and their definitions for Seventh Grade Social Studies.  As you can see, it is divided according to Chapter or section, making it easy to fill in Vocabulary/Identification sheets.  The definitions have come from a variety of sources.  Students who do not have Internet access at home may request a print-out of these definitions but only one time during the school year.  Remember that you will be responsible for knowing each Chapter's Vocabulary & Identification that we are covering and that it makes up a good portion of all Social Studies tests.  Also, remember that if you do not have your Vocabulary/Identification done and in class the day it is due, you will receive a zero (0 out of 10 possible points) for that chapter's vocabulary grade. 

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Illinois Constitution Chapter 1Chapter 2 Chapter 3 U.S. Constitution Chapter 4 Chapter 5

 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Illinois State Constitution - Glossary of Terms:

Chapter 1 - Early American History - Way, Way Back to 1732:

Chapter 2 - The Coming of Independence - 1754-1774:

Chapter 3 - The American Revolution - 1775-1783:

United States Constitution - Glossary of Terms:

 (please note that several of the terms for the Illinois State Constitution also apply here and that some have been changed in accordance to how they apply to the U.S. Constitution).

Chapter 4 - Federal American - 1787-1800:

Chapter 5 - Jeffersonian American - 1801-1810:

Chapter 6 - Growing Pains - 1811-1827:

Chapter 7 - Jacksonian American - 1828-1839:

Chapter 8 - Manifest Destiny - 1840-1849:

Chapter 9 - American Movements - Mid-19th Century:

Chapter 10 - Cracks in the Union - 1850-1859:

Chapter 11 - The American Civil War - 1860-1865: