About Mr. Danforth:



Wilbur is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  We got him in 2007 when he was just 9 weeks old.  He is supposed to have both ears sticking up, but his left ear folds over.  We are pretty sure he is the cutest dog in the world.  You might disagree but if you click on the pictures below you'll probably change your mind.

This picture is from the first week Wilbur came to live with us.  He sure was a cute puppy.

This is from Christmas 2009 - Wilbur likes hanging out by the Christmas Tree.

Wilbur's favorite store is Tucker's Doggie Delights.  We get all of his food, treats and toys there.  Wilbur is awful jealous of Tucker - who greets everyone with a howl and a kiss.

Wilbur got his picture taken with Santa again a few years ago at Tucker's.  He was sort of afraid of the big guy but at least he took a picture.

This is what Wilbur looks like when he's getting toweled off after getting wet outside.  He doesn't like it very much.  I think this could be his Halloween costume when he trick-or-treats as a vampire.

This picture and the one to the left were taken on the beach in Michigan in the summer of 2012.  Wilbur loves the beach!!!  He loves to have me throw a stick or a Frisbee along the shore while he chases it down and brings it back.  He also loves to dig in the sand and get really dirty!

This is a picture of Wilbur with my wife Susan.  She likes to run and sometimes she takes Wilbur with her.  His little legs can really keep up!

Other Interests:


A few years ago I took a Bluegrass Flatpicking class at Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL.  I have been playing guitar since 1985 when I bought a Gibson S-1 from a friend of a friend.  He showed me three chords (G, C & D) and I've been playing by ear ever since.  The class was taught by Eric Lambert and he's really good.  These were the first real lessons I've had and as a result I've been playing more than ever.

Below are pics of the 7 guitars I own.  Too bad I'm still not all that good but I'm still working on it.  Click on any to get a bigger picture.

The first is my first guitar - the Gibson S-1.  Number 2 is the Fender Stratocaster I upon which I love to play the blues.  The third guitar is a really cheap Korean acoustic I bought over 20 years ago because I wanted to have an acoustic guitar.  The fourth is my Ovation acoustic/electric.  I've played this more the past 15 years than any other.  The fifth is my pride and joy - I bought it in November 2009.  It is a Martin DM.  OMG what a sound - I play it religiously every day.  It's the only guitar I've ever owned that actually makes me sound better than I am!  The next guitar I bought from a friend in the Spring of 2012 - it's a 12-string Ibanez.  It's hard to play but it has a very unique and different sound from any other guitar I own.  The last guitar is my Mini Martin LX1E (Ed Sheeran +).  I bought it to take on fishing trips and to bring to school every now & again.



Ok - so you probably know that I'm a big hockey fan.  I've loved the game since I was little and Bobby Hull wore #9 for the Blackhawks.  Sadly, he left town when I was six but I still followed the game.  My favorite teams are (duh) the Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  It was very hard for me during the 2013 Stanley Cup Final but I still rooted for my Blackhawks.

In early 2013 I decided I wanted to play ice hockey again.  I joined an adult instructional league at Canlan Ice Sports in Romeoville called the AIHL.  It was difficult, but I felt that I've gotten much better than when I started.  In April 2013 I joined a D level (lowest) league in the ASHL (Adult Safe Hockey League) for the Spring/Summer.  This is the first time I've played in a summer league for many years and this is clearly the best run league in which I've ever participated.  Our team was called the Fighting Geese.  We finished the Spring/Summer with a record of 7-11-0, in 10th place in a 12-team league.  It wasn't a bad start considering that we were a house team - which means that all of us were thrown together.  The only guy on my team that I knew before we started was a former Sahs teacher - Mr. Randy Klosowski.  Maybe you remember back when he used to teach 4th grade and coach basketball?

In 2014 the Fighting Geese turned into a beer-sponsored team called PBR (now called the Blue Ribbons).  In the Spring/Summer session of 2014 & in the Fall/Winter of 2014-2015 we made it to the D1 championship game only to lose the the same team both times.  It was hard but you only get better from these types of experiences.

In the Spring/Summer session of 2014 I joined the Ice Zombies of the Co-ed division.  We had a good team but we also came up short in the championship game.  In less than a year I was 0-3 in title games but that all changed in the Spring/Summer of 2015.  This time the Ice Zombies dominated the division and we won the Canlan Cup.

I'm still with the Blue Ribbons but for the 2015-16 Fall/Winter session, I started a brand new team in the D2 division (now D3 because, well, we're not that good) - called The Bugeyed Weasels.  We've had a tough go of it the first season but we have fun and are getting better all the time.  The team is made up of some skilled veterans and quite a few rookies.  Two of those rookies are former Sahs SHL floor hockey players - Michael Lazarczyk and Derek Jedrol.  You can look up their stats on the SHL Hall of Fame page: http://www.danforthnews.com/halloffame.htm.  We might not be the best on the ice, but we have the best logo and jerseys in our league.  Click on the following thumbnails: 1) Original Logo, 2) Secondary Logo (on home white jersey), 3) Green original jersey (based on 1991 Minnesota North Stars), 4) White home jersey (based on 1977 New England Whalers)



If you want to look up any of my teams and old statistics, clicking on the ASHL logo below.  The Blue Ribbons (who folded in 2018) were in D1 and the Bugeyed Weasels are in D3. 

Hockey Jerseys:

I own a jersey of every NHL team and a few of the teams that are no longer around.  (Yes, I actually own a Detroit Red Wings jersey but I can't bring myself to wear it).  This is an obsession that is pretty weird but there are stranger things to do with your time and money so I figure I'm ok.  Below are pictures of my closets with my jerseys - arranged alphabetically into Eastern & Western conferences.  (Ok - so that's weird, I admit it!)


Etc. - other things I like to do: