REC - Current Events


Links for Students:


News Links:

BBC News The Guardian

WN Reuters

Sky News Aljazeera

The Diplomat (Asia) CNN World

Project Syndicate Google World News


News Links:

AP - U.S. News PBS Newshour - Nation

NBC News U.S. US News & World

NY Times U.S. N.P.R.

USA Today CS Monitor U.S.

Wall Street Journal - U.S.

State (Illinois):

News Links:

Illinois Gvmt News State Journal-Register

Capitol Illinois Homepage

Pantagraph Public News Service



News Links:

Chicago Daily Herald Stickney

Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Tribune

NBC 5 Chicago ABC 7 Chicago

WGN TV Chicago Patch Chicago



News Links:

Politico Washington Post

CBS News Real Clear Politics

All Sides Fact Check

C-SPAN Business Insider Politics


Good News Network


  • You will be divided into groups based upon the types of news (World, National, Illinois, Local & Political) listed above.

    • The makeup of the groups will change weekly so that you will be responsible for all of the news groups over the course of the quarter.


  • You will research news stories in your category individually.  You will then meet as a group and reach a consensus on the TOP 3 STORIES in your category.  As a group you will quickly summarize these stories and provide a listing of (sources) websites regarding these stories.  At the end of the period, a member of your group will report out to the rest of the class on the stories your group picked.

    • After all categories have reported, the entire class will pick the top story for each group for that day.

    • At the end of the week, the entire class will select the 3 MOST IMPORTANT STORIES OF THE WEEK.

How to Do This:

  • All you have to do is CAREFULLY READ the stories in your category.  Find a few stories you think are important.  Write down on scrap paper a brief summary of the article and why it is important. (you're not turning this in for a grade)

  • SERIOUSLY discuss these stories with the people in your group.  LISTEN to what your group-mates have to say.  Reach a consensus (a general agreement) about which should be the top 3 stories.

  • Choose one person to report your findings (with help from individuals if necessary) out to the rest of the class.  Choose a different person each day for this responsibility.

  • BE RESPECTFUL & LISTEN as other groups report their findings.

  • Vote on which story you think is the top story for each group.

When finished, or during any down time, you may use this time as a study period - to work on homework or read a book.