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6th Grade


Chapter 14 Text:

Medieval Europe - .pdf file


Chapter 15 Text:

New Beginnings - .pdf file


Chapter 16 Text:

Ideas & Movements - .pdf file


Chapter 17 Text:

Imp, Nat, & Uni. - .pdf file


Chapter 18 Text:

The World at War - .pdf file






7th Grade


Chapter 8:

Manifest Destiny (MS Word)


Chapter 9:

American Movements (Word)


Chapter 10:

Cracks in the Union (.pdf)


Chapter 11:

The Civil War (.pdf)






8th Grade


Chapter 23:

Cold War Begins (MS Word)


Chapter 24:

The Turbulent 60s (MS Word)

The Turbulent 60s (.pdf)


Chapter 25:

That 70s Decade (.pdf)



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