What is Mr. Danforth Reading?


This list dates back to the summer of 2004.  I feel reading is something that everyone should do for enjoyment.  There is nothing like creating imagery in your mind when you read a good book.  I still have never seen a movie based on a book that is better than the actual book!


Below is everything that I have read going back to the summer of 2004.  To read my review of each book, click on the book.  You may get a message at the top of your browser that looks like this:

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I am continually intrigued by the concept of time travel.  Time and Again was written in 1970 and is about an artist at a New York City ad agency who is recruited to join a secret government organization that is experimenting with time travel.  The main character, Simon Morely, leaves his job and begins working on an opportunity to travel back to New York City of 1882.  Since he is an artist, he includes his sketches of life in the late 19th Century.  What is sort of interesting about this book, as stated in the forward, is that this is a perspective from 1970, which is almost 50 years ago.  I like this book and am interested to see how it ends.