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6th Grade

Chapter 13: African Empires

Powerful African kingdoms were a major source of gold long before they caught the attention of Europeans in the late 1400s.  West African states served as middlemen for the gold that came from the south.  East African empires and city-states traded gold and iron with the peoples of Europe and Asia.  These trade goods made the East and West African empires and city-states wealthy.  Trade also helped Islam spread into East and West Africa and Christianity into East Africa.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Mar 20: Read 390 to 395

  • Mar 21: Read 396 to 399

  • Mar 23: Read 400 to 405

  • Mar 24: Worksheet #99 & Ch. 14 Vocab Due

Test: Monday, March 20

7th Grade

Chapter 8: Manifest Destiny

With the election of 1844 we see that the country is longing to grow.  The idea of "Manifest Destiny" comes to the forefront with the election of James K. Polk.  Polk expanded through diplomacy and war. 

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • Mar 20: Read Ch. 9 - Lesson 1

  • Mar 21: Read Ch. 9 - Lesson 2

  • Mar 23: Read Ch. 9 - Lesson 3

  • Mar 24: Read Ch. 9 - Lesson 4

Test: Monday, March 20

8th Grade

Chapter 22 - World War II

The world suffered through a major depression, just like the United States.  The difference became the leaders of these nations.  The U.S. chose FDR to lead us through the hard times.  Other nations turned to dictators that promised to make their lives better while really only securing positions of power for themselves.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

Test:  Friday, March 17

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