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6th Grade

Chapter 14: Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe provides a glimpse into one of the ways people organized themselves into a society.  People worked together to be self-sufficient.  Trade, then towns, began to prosper.  Great strides were made in the movement of people and goods in the Middle Ages.  During this time, military campaigns moved from Europe to the Holy Land in Southwest Asia.  Trade routes began to branch out to even more locations.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • April 5: Ch. 14 Crossword due

Test: Wednesday, April 5

7th Grade

Chapter 9: American Movements

In this chapter we will look at the beginning of the Temperance Movement.  We will look closer at Abolitionism.  The struggle for Women's Rights was born in the middle of the 19th Century.  Education, something that has become the greatest equalizer in our society, became a very important issue.  Prison Reform and aid for the disabled became front page issues.  But it was in this time period that we began to really develop our own identity as a nation and a culture.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • April 7: Ch. 9 Crossword due

Test: Friday, April 7

8th Grade

Chapter 23 - The Cold War Begins

After winning the war, the United States emerged as one of the most powerful nations on earth.  The country was moving back toward a peacetime economy and that wasn't as easy an adjustment as one might think.  The peace was short-lived.  By 1950 the country was fighting in Korea.  U.S. foreign policy focused on the growing threat of expanding Soviet influence.  The country looked at possible communist sympathizers and spies within our borders.  Yet another world war was avoided.  So much was happening.  We'll learn about it here in  the Cold War Years.

Homework: (dates are tentative)

  • April 4: Ch. 23 Vocab due

  • April 4: Read Lesson 3

Test:  to be determined



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